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ßeta Version 1.14

Join our ßeta Team!

We make sure all of our products meet the highest of standards. From graphic design to our database structure, every detail matters. But we can't always know what our users want. That's where YOU come in!

As part of the Kudo ßeta Team, you'll be able to use Kudo as much as your heart desires, see what you like, see what you don't, then let us know! Tell us which features you love, which features you could do without, or features you'd like to have added. We're here to listen!

All we need is your name & email!

17/200 ßeta Testers

I agree to Sickk Software's Terms of Service

Uh-oh! Something went wrong. Please try again!

Welcome to Kudo ßeta!

Thank you for signing up to be part of our ßeta Team! We're happy to have you!

All of our app programs test using Apple's ßeta Testing app TestFlight!

If you don't have TestFlight installed, no problem! Click the icon below to download!

Once you have downloaded TestFlight, tap Download Kudo below and enjoy Kudo!

We have also sent this download link to the email you entered!

After you feel comfortable using Kudo, please fill out our ßeta feedback form! You can find a link to the feedback form in the app (Profile -> Settings), or find it on our Kudo homepage!

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