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Everything sickk.

Redefine perfection.


Sickk has now grown to over 15 members.


One office just wasn't we got two.


First impressions that leave you speechless. Every. Time.

Our Story

From fantasy to reality, no one could have expected to be where we are today.

Our story.

"Freedom lies in being bold." - Robert Frost


September 2014

Before the first business meeting, before our first office, even before our first "think tank" session, there was nothing even close to a company...aside from one favorite catch phrase.


As time passed, "sickk" began to set the standard as code for the best amongst friends. From gaming, sports highlights, music, artwork, etc., if something was "sickk," it was the best. 

The more this became part our language, the more it became clear that being sickk applied to more than the material - it applied to life. This is when Will Ullrich (founder of Sickk Software) made a choice that would change his life forever,


"I've never followed the crowd, and I never will -

I'm going to build my own company."

Will's vision was to create a new type of business - one company built on variety but never lacking quality, that only makes "the best." So marked the birth of Sickk Software.


"Do what you love & love what you do."

August 2015





Initially it seemed impractical to build a company that makes everything, and everything they make is sickk. This idea still seems impractical to us. So scratch that...for now.

We decided to narrow everything down to what we love - technology & music. Since making music is something you should never force, but rather create when inspired, we decided to focus on one branch - technology.

Brainstorming tech ideas was easy, but focusing on one project was not. With idea after idea ranging from social utility to complex RPG games, we felt stuck, especially with our booming team of 2. But rather than feeling overwhelmed, we decided to change our approach - become the consumer.

With daydreaming of fantasy software and magic aside, we were able to narrow our focus to 3 projects. Like before, the BIGGER ideas will be put aside...for now.

"Attitude is everything."

November 2015


Moving into our first office space was freedom. Not only did it give us the very much needed breathing room in terms of independence (by no means in terms of office size...), it gave us an extra boost to our motivation. Having the vision was one thing, but making it come into reality is entirely different. Simply exhilarating.

As we began to develop our projects, slowly but surely we came face to face with the difficulties of building a "startup." Not only was it a new road to travel, it was exhausting. A 16 hour workday quickly became common, and weekends soon became a thing of the past. So far it was certainly anything but a cake walk...but if building greatness was easy, everyone would do it. Attitude really is everything.



"Everyone dreams. We live them."






New Year's 2017 was a dream come true for Sickk. Not only were we closing in on several project completions, we landed our first official investor. In fact, as the year went on, by March we were looking at 5+ investors, all ready to jump on board.

As we grew, we realized we needed an upgrade. After a few weeks of searching for what would suit us best, we ended up with the design studio of our dreams, what we call around the office - "The Komplex." What started as a dream was truly becoming our reality right before our eyes. If there were any doubts about success, the Komplex quickly silenced them all.

"Do, or do not. There is no try" - Yoda



Modern Meeting Room

Where do we go from here? The only place to go is forwards. Now at 7 members and growing, with 10+ concurrent projects, we have no intention of slowing down. 

Who knows, maybe next year we will have an office overlooking Hong Kong. (Most likely CA...but again...anything can happen!)




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